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About Sanshri

Sanshri has been a fast-growing company in the sector of Renewable Energy for the last 10 years. Sanshri Solar provides you a personalised solution for all your solar needs. It comprises of all the necessary drawings, calculations, site surveys, supply and installation of complete material. Along with the engineering expertise, the company also provides you the necessary support for paperwork which is required with DISCOM and Nodal Agencies regarding the approvals and installation of Net Metering at your site.

We give you the optimum efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic panels, reliable and efficient Grid-Tied Inverters along with end-to-end installation services which in combination give you Cost-Effective One-Window solution and services for the next 25 years and beyond.

Why Solar

When saving our earth is remunerable too, let’s switch to the renewable resources to power our lives because ‘IT’S BETTER LATE THAN NEVER’!
In the current scenario, where Global Warming is at its peak, it only makes sense to substantially decrease our dependency on conventional sources of energy and shift to the renewable ones. Furthermore, human reliance on fossil fuels is not sustainable in the long run because the earth’s natural resources are finite. Therefore, green energy is the need of the hour. We at Sanshri are putting a great deal of efforts to make solar an everyday phenomenon.

Another big concern is the ever-increasing grid tariff rate. Switching to renewable energy such as solar is the solution. Commercial solar rooftop systems can definitely help you decrease your electricity bills to a great extent and in return give you maximum return on your investment.

Few Reasons to Choose Sanshri

 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

One Time Investment

We make sure to adopt the best practices to deliver truly world-class products and services that can be used for a lifetime with only one time investment.

Easy Installation

Our clients trust us for our quality of work. We take care of all your individual needs to give you a hassle-free and an end-to-end solar system installation service which generates the best energy outcome by using maximum of your rooftop feasibility.

Consistent Green Energy

Solar Energy is completely eco-friendly. Hence, there’s no looking back once you go the solar way towards a sustainable living.

Trivial Maintenance

Our systems require negligible maintenance after their commencement

Multi-Purpose Application

We personally design each solar energy system that considers many factors to suit each requirement. We ensure that the right design is placed at the right location so that the output of a system is utilised to its true potential.

Increased Savings

Considering the fact that one solution doesn’t fit all, our design team ensures most cost-effective energy outcomes and an optimum return on investment.

Solar solutions for everyone

Let the Sun Shine! Switch to Sustainability!

| Residential

Safe, reliable and accurately designed solar solutions for your home.

| Commercial

State of the art solar solutions to maximize ROI.

| Agriculture

Sustainable, green power for your farms and fields.

Our Work Process

Easy and Convenient Process  

Step 1

Project Planing

Step 2

Research & Analysis

Step 3

Make it Happen

Our Recent Projects

Visuals of our recently installed systems.


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